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Viewpoint Construction Software provides secure online collaboration solutions for the building and infrastructure sectors.

The Building and Infrastructure sectors are heavily reliant on a complex network of clients, designers, consultants, project managers, contractors and sub-contractors brought together in a temporary organisation for the term of the project. All parties need to work together in an integrated manner to deliver the project meeting cost, time and quality expectations.

Co-ordinating the work of all parties including the high volumes of drawings, documents, emails, contracts, and specifications, etc., against demanding timescales is a huge challenge and requires effective collaboration - and that is exactly where Viewpoint can help!

"Viewpoint for Projects has enabled us to streamline our document control procedures, and provides a clear audit trail for all of our project documentation. The support from the team has been excellent, from the initial setup of our enterprise, through to the present day. A pleasure to work with."

Information Manager - Aquamarine Power