Take control of your projects with Viewpoint For Projects.

Whether consulting or designing on one project, process or an entire portfolio, there will be challenges on how you control and manage the flow of information, communication and processes, particularly when dealing with BIM and IPD. Those challenges will more than likely change and develop over time, forcing change and evolution in order to overcome, stay in control and deliver on the client's objectives.

We have created a unique collaboration software toolset that enables consultants to effectively manage their specific requirements - whether just one collaborative process, one phase of a project, or the entire project lifecycle. Viewpoint For Projects enables you to take control, lead and delegate as needed. Experience complete confidence that all information for your particular project or process is safe and fully documented.

  • Collaborate effectively with disparate stakeholders, team members and suppliers
  • Control and manage the flow of information
  • Maintain a clear audit trail
  • Ensure all are working to 'one version of the truth'
  • Save time, money and mitigate risk